By-Laws Sep 6, 2003


FIRST CLUB MEETING March 1st, 2003
BY-LAW EFFECTIVE September 6th, 2003

  1. The By-Laws shall govern the BAY STATE MARAUDERS in all cases to the extent they are not inconsistent with the Constitution of the BAY STATE MARAUDERS.
  2. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the club or the Executive Board, regular meetings shall be held on the ______________________ of each month at ________________________.
  3. Any person applying for Active or Associate Membership must complete an application as approved by a majority vote of the Active Membership.
  4. Any person applying for membership must attend 2 regular club meetings held within 3 months of each other and 1 other club function.
  5. Once the applicant has fulfilled the application and attendance requirements the applicant may be recommended for membership by any active member. The recommending member must be ready to discuss and vouch for said applicant during the meeting at which time the applicant’s membership will be voted.
  6. Only Active Members will be present during the discussion and voting on applicants. Only Active Members may vote.
  7. An applicant must receive a two-thirds vote of those present or absentee votes of the Active Members.
  8. Membership will begin on the date of the vote, but only after initial dues are paid in full.
  9. Club meetings are open to members, applicants and guests of Members. (Unless otherwise notified.)
  10. Only Active Members shall be present during discussion of applicants, voting, impeachment and censure, discussion of finances, and at such other times when two thirds of the Active Members present vote to close the meeting.
  11. Ex-members can not wear the club colors.
  12. All club records are open to any Active Member for inspection.
  13. Club checks must bear the name of the Club and be signed by any of two of the following Officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer. All checks should have the Treasures signature. The President and the Vice-President may only sign at the Treasures unavailability.
  14. Fighting will not be tolerated at club meetings and functions. While wearing club colors members shall act with proper decorum and with keeping with the dignity of the BAY STATE MARAUDERS.
  15. Amendments to the By-Laws
    1. Any Active Member may propose amendments to the By-Laws of the BAY STATE MARAUDERS.
    2. Amendments must be approved by the Active Membership by a two-thirds vote. All amendments will be sent to the Active Members no less than 14 days before they are to be voted. The notice shall also include the date, time, and place of the meeting where the vote shall be taken.
  16. Ratification - The By-Laws of the BAY STATE MARAUDERS and amendments thereto must be ratified by a two-thirds vote of the membership.
  17. Organizational Meeting – By a two thirds vote the membership at the Organizational Meeting may choose to entertain nominations for the Executive Board and proceed immediately to hold elections. The officers chosen at the Organizational Meeting shall hold office until the first Annual Meeting.
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