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A fellowship of members, primarily Leather / Levi oriented, whose purpose is to develop character and leadership in the spirit of friendship, brotherhood, and goodwill.

—Marauders constitution

The Bay State Marauders supports the Black Lives Matter movement and opposes state violence and police brutality against people of color. The Bay State Marauders believes that racism is a grave social ill. Black people and other people of color often face diminished life chances and early death due to racism and the history of white supremacy in the United States. 

The Bay State Marauders affirms the freedom, dignity, and civil rights of our members of color, and we support people of color in the larger leather and kink community. 

We do not support or condone racism or white supremacy of any kind.

—Anti-Racism Statement of The Bay State Marauders

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March 2019 meeting at the Boston Eagle

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